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More home made movies

Posted by on Mar 4, 2015 in David's Blog

Here is a video made by Rolf Meyer, Continental’s founder and Erich’s Dad. Erich’s Dad Rolf must have been a really creative guy. Last week we saw his home filmed movie of a cycling race in Deep Cove. This week’s video is of a summer drive in a beautiful MGA. First the wash, then some fly-by shots, then some in-car action. It’s a great film that must have taken some time and care to make. Remember- this was film edited by hand- literally cutting and pasting. It doesn’t surprise me that Rolf was creative. Erich is one of the most creative people I’ve...

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Deep Cove Bike Race

Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in David's Blog

First off, I’m sorry. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. My loyal fans (Hi Mom!) deserve an explanation, but I have none. Just the usual “I’ve been so busy”. We all sure love to be busy, don’t we? I keep busy by riding my bike. If I’m not at the shop or playing with our cats I’m out riding bikes. I’m currently the only cyclist in the shop, but I’m not the first. One of the founders of the shop also rode and raced bikes. Fritz Cronjaeger was Erich’s Uncle and one of the original owners of Continental Repairs. Not...

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Old and New

Posted by on Oct 13, 2014 in David's Blog

What’s harder to work on, old cars or new cars? What’s more fun? It’s hard to say. It probably depends on who you ask. I like working on old cars. They have character. They require a type of skill and knowledge that is hard to find. When I work on old cars I am given the freedom to fiddle a bit: to adjust instead of replace, to massage back into usefulness. But old cars are dirty and frustrating and rusty. You can’t have timelines with old cars, they just won’t allow it. So most guys like fixing newer cars. I like fixing new cars. The technology is interesting....

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Check Engine Light

Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Slider

  Our cat recently got sick. He was fine one day, sick the next.  It was hard for us to tell what the problem was, because the little bugger just wouldn’t tell us what was wrong. With little to go by, we turned to the internet. What a mistake. If you want to REALLY worry about your pet’s health, your health, or your car’s health, go ahead and type some symptoms into the internet. Scary stuff, the internet. Worst case scenarios, no matter how rare, lurk everywhere. Luckily when a car gets sick, it will often tell us what’s wrong. The car communicates to you via its warning...

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Spring now. Summer soon.

Posted by on Apr 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Like most of Vancouver, we are very much looking forward to summer.  We are looking forward to barbecues, to sunny bike rides in the park, to breakfast on the sundeck, and to afternoon slurpee headaches.  We can’t wait to walk in shorts to work, to blast the AC and to gaze out to watch 4th Ave sizzle in the heat. But for now, it’s spring. And this spring, like every spring, we’ll be busy getting everyone ready for summer driving. Around this time of year, the dealerships and the chains start offering “Get Ready for Summer” specials. Oil changes, really....

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