Spring now. Summer soon.

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Like most of Vancouver, we are very much looking forward to summer.  We are looking forward to barbecues, to sunny bike rides in the park, to breakfast on the sundeck, and to afternoon slurpee headaches.  We can’t wait to walk in shorts to work, to blast the AC and to gaze out to watch 4th Ave sizzle in the heat. But for now, it’s spring. And this spring, like every spring, we’ll be busy getting everyone ready for summer driving. Around this time of year, the dealerships and the chains start offering “Get Ready for Summer” specials. Oil changes, really....

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Happy Holidays!

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  We’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed with best wishes, gifts, cards and thank you’s from our customers and suppliers lately. It’s such a nice feeling to find out our work is so appreciated. Thank you to our customers. We know there are plenty of great shops in this city, so we really, really want to thank you to coming to ours. We value your business and we appreciate your trust: we will continue to do every thing we can to deserve it. Thank you to our friends. Not just our personal friends, who recommend us and use us, but our business friends as well. Thank you...

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Snow Tires On Sale Now!

Posted by on Oct 31, 2011 in Slider, Uncategorized

Winter is on it’s way! We don’t always get a lot of snow in Vancouver. When we do though, it tends to be pretty slippy and sloppy. Modern winter tires really do work. They get you going, they get you around corners,  and most importantly, they get you stopped. You’ll be amazed at how well your car performs in the rain, sleet and snow. Our prices really are excellent for winter tires. We don’t make a lot of money on them, but it keeps us busy, and we get to meet more of the folks in Vancouver who drive Volkswagen’s and Audi’s. So it’s good for...

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Check Engine Light- a bit techy, a bit geeky, a bit preachy.

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Nobody likes that light. Some people ignore it. I wouldn’t, but that’s because I’m curious. Despite what some people want to think, it’s always on for a reason. First we plug in the scan tool. We have a scan tool that works with all european cars, and that is what I’m using here. We also have a VW/Audi specific scan tool and a generic japanese/american scan tool. It takes about 5-10 minutes to load the software and to talk to the computer. Our codes. These codes are both “wide open” codes, meaning they could have many, many causes. The fact...

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The Oldsmobile

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Every once in a while we get a really neat car in the shop. In all honesty, we try to keep the fleet we work on as homogeneous and new as possible. New, normal cars, that’s our bread and butter. As cars age, they develop quirky problems that are time consuming to find, and most of the time it just isn’t worth the money it costs to have an old car fixed professionally. That’s why old cars are usually hobby cars. Their owners tinker away on them, giving them the hours and attention they deserve. Occasionally, their owners need a bit of help. If we have time, and the car...

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Elac Turntable

Posted by on Aug 31, 2010 in David's Blog, Uncategorized

We don’t repair turntables, but this one’s mine, and since it’s an Elac from West Germany, I figure it belongs on this blog. Last week, halfway through my GTB album, the Elac stopped making noise. I traced the fault to a cracked solder point where the cartridge meets the tone arm. I don’t have a solder gun at home (oh the shame!) so I heated a jewelers flathead screwdriver on the stove element and soldered with that. Worked like a charm. I had to remove the tone arm. That little beauty is supported by the teenyest bearings I’ve ever seen! Just look at that!...

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