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We weren’t on the parade route, but we close enough for a nice walk. Erich’s kids and a whole bunch of their cousins came by, ate some dogs (yep-still got some), and walked/strollered to the parade. I took some pics of the kids. I either need more practice or a faster camera. They’re quick! Success? If we sponsored a balloon it would be a bit like this. Instead of a SoCal hot rod, we’d go for a salt flat Karman Ghia, a Killer B Audi, or a ’70s Mercedes limo with a wet bar and bulletproof glass…you know, something REALLY cool for the kids. Not a...

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Hotdog lunch.

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Joe brings a sandwich and a sausage. Erich usually has left overs, and I sometimes have PB&J. Lots of times we buy food in the neighbourhood. This week, we’re eating hotdogs. Everyday, all day. All these hotdogs were left after the car wash. We can’t get enough of them. Steaming em’ in the rice cooker! Joe brought sauerkraut for the dogs. So...

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Used to be that you could stock pretty much every part you needed to get through a tune-up on a Beetle or a brake job on a 220d. Plugs, points, filters, common gaskets, even some rod bearings. Now we don’t stock much because we can order a part and it’ll be here in an hour. Even so, it sure would be nice to be able to walk upstairs and get what you need. Some day we’ll clean out our stock room and sell the old parts on Ebay. No time soon though. Type II throttle cables are long, and they broke. We were ready. Wheel bearings and what not. Some treasure in there. Random...

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