Spring now. Summer soon.

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Like most of Vancouver, we are very much looking forward to summer.  We are

looking forward to barbecues, to sunny bike rides in the park, to breakfast on the

sundeck, and to afternoon slurpee headaches.  We can’t wait to walk in shorts to

work, to blast the AC and to gaze out to watch 4th Ave sizzle in the heat.

But for now, it’s spring. And this spring, like every spring, we’ll be busy getting

everyone ready for summer driving.

Around this time of year, the dealerships and the chains start offering

“Get Ready for Summer” specials. Oil changes, really. Fifty point inspections

and a coolant flush, perhaps.

We don’t have a flashy $150 or $200 special because our prices are based on

what your car needs, not a checklist. Usually it’ll cost somewhere between $100

and $300. Rest assured, we can give you an exact estimate before the work begins.

So what does a car need during its spring service? What does a Continental spring

service include?

Continental’s Super Duper, Spring Fling,

We Love It When Things Rhyme,

Get Ready for Summer Special:


We’ll change your oil and filter. We’ll have a really good look at your brakes, suspension

and steering. Winter can be particularly hard on these parts. We’ll make sure your tires

will survive the hot run to your favourite campsite (even with a full trunk). We’ll check

your cooling system and address any leaks or problems. We’ll test your AC system and

let you know if it could be colder. We’ll make sure all your lights work because winter

often corrodes the bulbs and sockets.

In short we’ll do everything your car needs to shake off its winter coat and pull on it’s bikini.

Um. Hmmm… car bikini. That’s an odd image right there. Car bikinis. The next big thing.

You heard it here first folks.