They can’t all be German

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We specialize in Volkswagen and Audi, but we work on all sorts around here. Asian cars. German cars. The occasional British car even sneaks in.

Ahem…yeah, we screen the Brits pretty carefully.
This week, we’ve got a Maserati, and not just any Maserati. No roachy 80′s Bi-turbo. No sketchy Ghibli with strange electrics and finicky carbs. No, this one is actually quite sweet.
A 2006 Gransport.

We can’t agree if it’s fully pretty. It’s nice. It turns heads, and it sure looks good out front, but it’s a bit portly in the haunches, it’s got a body kit (factory mind you), and it’s silver…not really a sports car colour. So maybe not pretty, but its still really hot. Or hawt, if you’re modern.

In any case, it is very, very cool. It’s cool to look at. It’s cool to sit in. It’s fun to work on.

And there’s one more thing:

What an engine. Gorgeous. Makes us blush. And she’s not just a looker. Ferrari built it. Maserati popped their badge on it. Yep, at least to us, the prettiest part of this car is under the hood.
I can’t even tell you what 400 Italian horsepower sounds like echoing around our shop.
Here’s what Top Gear thinks: