Come in. Eat our sweet fruits. Drink our fine coffee. Please.

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There is fruit on our front counter now. Please take a piece of fruit. Perhaps it’s morning and you’ve skimped on breakfast because you needed to bring your car into the shop. Perhaps you just like apples.
For any old reason, please take a piece of fruit. We selected the container carefully. Not too girly. Not too mechanicy. A good, clean container that has never held anything but fruit.

If not the fruit, then try the coffee. On some days it’s as good as any. On others, its still better than most. No flavoured water here.

There are four mugs just waiting to be used. We’ve got to-go cups too, but don’t use those. Think of our earth and stay here and drink coffee and listen to the rain on our awning and watch people go by on 4th and Pine.

We don’t have milk though, sorry. We like coffee better black, but we don’t have milk because milk goes bad and nobody drinks our coffee but us.
So far.
It may be a case of the chicken before the egg, so if you would have drank coffee but haven’t because we don’t have milk, please tell us. Then we’ll buy milk.
Why the plea you ask? Well, for whatever reason we got pretty excited about having fresh fruit and good coffee, so we restored a nice old tool cart to put the coffee carafe on, and we bought the appropriate fruit container, and nearly nobody has partaken, and thats a bit of a let down.
Also, I want one of these:
And if you good people don’t drink our coffee, it’s hard to justify it.