Old and New

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What’s harder to work on, old cars or new cars? What’s more fun?

It’s hard to say. It probably depends on who you ask.

I like working on old cars. They have character. They require a type of skill and knowledge that is hard to find. When I work on old cars I am given the freedom to fiddle a bit: to adjust instead of replace, to massage back into usefulness.

But old cars are dirty and frustrating and rusty. You can’t have timelines with old cars, they just won’t allow it.

So most guys like fixing newer cars.

I like fixing new cars. The technology is interesting. The parts are complex. The fixes are predictable and complete.

In any case, we mostly fix new cars, but if you have an old car, we might fix that too. There are better places than us for old Aircooled Volkswagens, so we don’t fix those, but we are pretty darn good at keeping old Mercedes on the road.

Here are two:


photo (16)
























The silver one is 34 years old and has 700,000 km on it. You read that right: 700,000. Runs perfect. Drives perfect. A bit of rust that can’t be helped, but other than that, it’s as good as new. Maintenance works.

The black one is 50 years old. We don’t know how many miles it’s got. It’s odometer has turned over once, twice, or even thrice. Who knows. It’s a beauty. A convertible, and my favorite car to drive. It oozes style and grace.

Old cars are great. New cars are better, but not as great.

Know what I mean?