The passing seasons

Posted by on Oct 1, 2010 in David's Blog | 0 comments

It’s been busy around here. Summer flew on by, and I can hardly remember the sun. That’s too bad, because it’ll be dark and gloomy soon, and we’ll all be talking ’bout next summer.

Why so glum David? Well, someone has to put those things away. We got our order of snow tires in. We bought 60 this year right off the bat. We can get more, usually within a few hours, but it’s nice to stock a bunch too.
It smells like rubber in here!

We found space for all these tires in our little shop, but we’d like to sell some of these soon so that we can move around… If you are going to buy snow tires this year, buy them from us in October, and we’ll give you a special deal. Lets call it the early bird special.

We’ve got sizes for most import cars in stock. We can order any size you like, and any brand you’ve heard of. If we order in the morning, we’ll get them by the afternoon.

We’ve got some nice looking alloy wheels too. They are cheap enough for winter wheels, but nice enough to make you happy to put them on.

So there you go: winter tires. Something to smile about! (even if the picture is blurry)