Deep Cove Bike Race

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First off, I’m sorry. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. My loyal fans (Hi Mom!) deserve an explanation, but I have none. Just the usual “I’ve been so busy”.

We all sure love to be busy, don’t we?

I keep busy by riding my bike. If I’m not at the shop or playing with our cats I’m out riding bikes. I’m currently the only cyclist in the shop, but I’m not the first. One of the founders of the shop also rode and raced bikes.

Fritz Cronjaeger was Erich’s Uncle and one of the original owners of Continental Repairs. Not only that,  Erich’s family owned a bike shop in Germany a long time ago.

We like to say that we are a cyclist friendly car shop, but what the heck does that mean? Not much, honestly. We have a bike pump in the office. We have some cool Continental water bottles you can have. We help out with a youth cycling program. We won’t blink if you are wearing spandex when you drop off your car.  So if you like bikes then we have something in common, and that’s kind of nice.

Recently Erich found some old 8mm films in the attic. One of the films was of a bike race held in Deep Cove some time in the 1970′s. Fritz is racing in it. So is one of our old customers, Dave Preston. Perhaps someone will recognize others?

It sure is a cool video. I’m glad Erich found it. It’s a piece of BC cycling history, a piece of Deep Cove history, and a piece of Continental History.