About Us

First and foremost, we are mechanics. Proud of it too. Between the two of us

we’ve been turning wrenches for over 40 years.  Sure, we know and love cars…

and yep we’re proud that our nails have some dirt under them, but that’s

not why we love what we do.


We’re in it for the people.


We have customers who have trusted Continental since the 1970′s. We have

three generations of families who come to us. We love the long-timers. Don’t

worry, we love you new timers too. Everyday, we meet someone that make us happy

to be doing what we do. We like that people come to us because we are

Vancouver’s VW and Audi experts. We love it that they stay for a bit more than


Of course we could never do any of this 
without the amazing

people that work here.


If you walk through our front door, chances are you’ll be greeted by Dave

Murphy, our Service Manager. We are so lucky and proud to have Dave Murphy

as the face of Continental. We don’t think you will ever meet a more kind and

honest man. But he’s not just a nice guy. Dave really knows his Stuff. You’ll love

dealing with him.


We also have two talented technicians that work with us, Paul and Caleb. These

two can fix anything. They take pride in their work, and we think you’ll notice that.