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More home made movies

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Here is a video made by Rolf Meyer, Continental’s founder and Erich’s Dad. Erich’s Dad Rolf must have been a really creative guy. Last week we saw his home filmed movie of a cycling race in Deep Cove. This week’s video is of a summer drive in a beautiful MGA. First the wash, then some fly-by shots, then some in-car action. It’s a greatĀ film that must have taken some time and care to make. Remember- this was film edited by hand- literally cutting and pasting. It doesn’t surprise me that Rolf was creative....

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Deep Cove Bike Race

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First off, I’m sorry. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. My loyal fans (Hi Mom!) deserve an explanation, but I have none. Just the usual “I’ve been so busy”. We all sure love to be busy, don’t we? I keep busy by riding my bike. If I’m not at the shop or playing with our cats I’m out riding bikes. I’m currently the only cyclist in the shop, but I’m not the first. One of the founders of the shop also rode and raced bikes. Fritz Cronjaeger was Erich’s Uncle and one of...

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Old and New

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What’s harder to work on, old cars or new cars? What’s more fun? It’s hard to say. It probably depends on who you ask. I like working on old cars. They have character. They require a type of skill and knowledge that is hard to find. When I work on old cars I am given the freedom to fiddle a bit: to adjust instead of replace, to massage back into usefulness. But old cars are dirty and frustrating and rusty. You can’t have timelines with old cars, they just won’t allow it. So most guys like fixing newer cars. I like...

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This Old Shop

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    It’s a bit drafty. The doors aren’t quite straight. The upstairs creaks and the roof tends to leak. We wouldn’t want it any other...

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Come in. Eat our sweet fruits. Drink our fine coffee. Please.

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There is fruit on our front counter now. Please take a piece of fruit. Perhaps it’s morning and you’ve skimped on breakfast because you needed to bring your car into the shop. Perhaps you just like apples. For any old reason, please take a piece of fruit. We selected the container carefully. Not too girly. Not too mechanicy. A good, clean container that has never held anything but fruit. If not the fruit, then try the coffee. On some days it’s as good as any. On others, its still better than most. No flavoured water here....

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They can’t all be German

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We specialize in Volkswagen and Audi, but we work on all sorts around here. Asian cars. German cars. The occasional British car even sneaks in. Ahem…yeah, we screen the Brits pretty carefully. This week, we’ve got a Maserati, and not just any Maserati. No roachy 80′s Bi-turbo. No sketchy Ghibli with strange electrics and finicky carbs. No, this one is actually quite sweet. A 2006 Gransport. We can’t agree if it’s fully pretty. It’s nice. It turns heads, and it sure looks good out front, but it’s a...

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The Six Day (4 Day) Team

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Announcement! Team Continental Repairs is Cody Campbell and Mark MacDonald! A great match. Cody Campbell is from right here in the lower mainland, and won the first race I ever did…when he was 14. Mark is from Alberta, but we won’t hold it against him, because he’s a big fast boy, and probably a good case for eating Alberta Beef. Grit. Spirit. Our boys are made of all that good stuff. Its a good thing too. Tuft. Farrar. Holloway. Meier. Pearce. Big names. Big talents. A handful for Team Continental to contend with. Here is...

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Continental Proudly Presents

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We’ve got a track racing team of our very own. We’ll feel like big shots, if only for a week. I should probably explain. This December 27-30th will be an exciting time for Vancouver cycling fans. Our very own Burnaby Velodrome ( http://www.burnabyvelodrome.ca/index.php ) will be hosting an international level track race. It’s a pretty big deal, because all sorts of famous riders will be there: http://www.burnaby4.com/ Two of those lucky riders will be riding for the Continental Repairs team. We don’t know which two,...

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Double Trouble

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Always have a backup plan. Rather than run one engine at full race nick, these fella’s ran two moderatly tuned Porsche motors in their race car. The front engine drove the front wheels, the rear engine the rear wheels. Boy oh boy, that must have been a brute to drive. Racing cars used to be built over the winter by guys with big ideas in poorly lit barns. ...

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Grab life by the horns. Seize the day. Anything is possible. The world is your oyster. Especially if you have a MIG welder. Lets be clear: a modern automotive repair shop has no real use for a MIG welder. Sure, we’d probably weld the occasional exhaust, but we’ve been doing just fine all these years without a welder, so we really don’t need one. Or rather, really didn’t need one. But here we are, you at your computer and us with a welder. It’s the way things are now. We can join metal pieces together. It’s...

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Snow tires!

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As previously noted, we have snow tires in stock. We’ve got lots of sizes, lots of brands. We’ve also got steel wheels and aluminum wheels to fit Audi’s, VW’s, BMW’s, Mercedes, Subaru’s, Toyota’s, Lexus’, Volvo’s, Honda’s, and more. And if we don’t stock it, we can get it. Prices range from $365 for a 14″ set of tires for an older VW to $1750 for a set of 17″ inch set of tires mounted on nice aluminum rims for a new Audi. Aluminum rims: $130 each. Cheap enough...

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Goodbye, Fair Steed

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I sold my 1980 Volkswagen Westfalia today. I owned it for four years. Before me, Erich owned it for at least ten. Before him, it belonged to another mechanic who worked at Continental. It’s been in the family for a while, and it was sad to see it go. I didn’t want to sell it, but I needed room in the stable. I hadn’t done everything I wanted to do, Westy-camping wise, but I was beginning to realize that that trip to South America or the jaunt to Newfoundland were not going to happen any time soon. I’m way too busy. The...

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The passing seasons

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It’s been busy around here. Summer flew on by, and I can hardly remember the sun. That’s too bad, because it’ll be dark and gloomy soon, and we’ll all be talking ’bout next summer. Why so glum David? Well, someone has to put those things away. We got our order of snow tires in. We bought 60 this year right off the bat. We can get more, usually within a few hours, but it’s nice to stock a bunch too. It smells like rubber in here! We found space for all these tires in our little shop, but we’d like to...

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Check Engine Light- a bit techy, a bit geeky, a bit preachy.

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Nobody likes that light. Some people ignore it. I wouldn’t, but that’s because I’m curious. Despite what some people want to think, it’s always on for a reason. First we plug in the scan tool. We have a scan tool that works with all european cars, and that is what I’m using here. We also have a VW/Audi specific scan tool and a generic japanese/american scan tool. It takes about 5-10 minutes to load the software and to talk to the computer. Our codes. These codes are both “wide open” codes,...

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The Oldsmobile

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Every once in a while we get a really neat car in the shop. In all honesty, we try to keep the fleet we work on as homogeneous and new as possible. New, normal cars, that’s our bread and butter. As cars age, they develop quirky problems that are time consuming to find, and most of the time it just isn’t worth the money it costs to have an old car fixed professionally. That’s why old cars are usually hobby cars. Their owners tinker away on them, giving them the hours and attention they deserve. Occasionally, their owners...

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Elac Turntable

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We don’t repair turntables, but this one’s mine, and since it’s an Elac from West Germany, I figure it belongs on this blog. Last week, halfway through my GTB album, the Elac stopped making noise. I traced the fault to a cracked solder point where the cartridge meets the tone arm. I don’t have a solder gun at home (oh the shame!) so I heated a jewelers flathead screwdriver on the stove element and soldered with that. Worked like a charm. I had to remove the tone arm. That little beauty is supported by the teenyest...

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We weren’t on the parade route, but we close enough for a nice walk. Erich’s kids and a whole bunch of their cousins came by, ate some dogs (yep-still got some), and walked/strollered to the parade. I took some pics of the kids. I either need more practice or a faster camera. They’re quick! Success? If we sponsored a balloon it would be a bit like this. Instead of a SoCal hot rod, we’d go for a salt flat Karman Ghia, a Killer B Audi, or a ’70s Mercedes limo with a wet bar and bulletproof glass…you...

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Hotdog lunch.

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Joe brings a sandwich and a sausage. Erich usually has left overs, and I sometimes have PB&J. Lots of times we buy food in the neighbourhood. This week, we’re eating hotdogs. Everyday, all day. All these hotdogs were left after the car wash. We can’t get enough of them. Steaming em’ in the rice cooker! Joe brought sauerkraut for the dogs. So...

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Used to be that you could stock pretty much every part you needed to get through a tune-up on a Beetle or a brake job on a 220d. Plugs, points, filters, common gaskets, even some rod bearings. Now we don’t stock much because we can order a part and it’ll be here in an hour. Even so, it sure would be nice to be able to walk upstairs and get what you need. Some day we’ll clean out our stock room and sell the old parts on Ebay. No time soon though. Type II throttle cables are long, and they broke. We were ready. Wheel bearings...

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Car Wash: A Fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer Research

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We washed a whole lot of cars on Saturday. Bikes too. Hot dogs for the kids. A good cause on a nice day, so thanks for coming. Thanks TR Trades, for the Banner. Corky brought the Arsenal. It‘s not every day the BC road champion washes your bike. The better half. Future...

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